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Related post: Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 08:14:24 -0800 tgp young ones (PST) From: V Subject: REMEMBERRANCES-5-THE BARNShe was about fourteen or fifteen years old. Short cropped, dark blond hair, not really spiked, but feathered out around her face. She was blindfolded, so I couldn't tell what color her eyes were, but she had a perky little upturned nose and full, sensual lips that would have been downright sexy if she wasn't so young. porno young boys Her hands young sex teams were spread over the top of her head and fastened by handcuffs to a bar suspended from the beam of the old barn I had young ukrainian teen stumbled across. Her legs likewise were spread young russians teens far apart and fastened to another bar with leg cuffs. She was totally naked. Her breasts were round and firm with hard nipples standing out from small light tan aureoles. It was mid summer in south Texas and very warm, so it obviously was not cold that made her nipples stand out the youngporn samples way they were. She looked to be about five foot four, and about one hundred to a hundred and ten pounds. Her breasts were close together on her chest even with her arms suspended over her head and her rib cage tapered nicely to a small waist that spread to well rounded hips and then started narrowing again as the hourglass tapered down her hips towards her knees and ankles. young amateur asian Her belly was flat and muscular with just a slight suggestion of roundness that suggested a look further south might be interesting. (As if I had a choice at that point.) I knew she was young, and I knew I should probably young teen gallery do something to try and save her. Sir Gallahad to the rescue and all that, but I was riveted to the spot awed by the beauty of budding womanhood before me. Her mound of Venus was covered with a light shading of dark blond curly hair. It looked to have been shaved in an almost perfect triangle, and trimmed so that it had the look of innocence. There was enough covering so that one knew she wasn't bald, but sparse enough cute teens young that her puffy outer lips were sex young seventeen plainly visible.I hated to leave my spot by the hole in the barn wall, but I needed to try and find out what was going on. Although she didn't look to be too distressed, and in fact somewhat excited, that is a vulnerable russian young cutie position to be in for a young girl and if she were indeed in trouble, I had to find out how bad the trouble was going to be.I am not your typical body builder or football player type. I'm twenty-three, about five foot ten, and a hundred fifty five pounds. I am a runner and a hiker, that's how I happened across this nude young family old barn out in the middle of no where. I just moved out here in the country because it is *****, it is solitary, and I normally don't like a lot of company. I'm a geologist and I selected this region for the unique formations and the remoteness that would let me study in peace without the distractions of a bunch of giggly undergrads. I had left my shack for an afternoon run to see what the landscape was like. I had gone about five miles when I came over the crest of a small hill and saw Brighum young university the barn down at the bottom about two hundred yards away. It seemed so out of place that it just naturally invited inspection, so youngest teen ejaculation I walked on down the hill and looked in through young hot ass a knothole and discovered the girl.I inspected the perimeter of the barn all the way around. There were a few windows, but they were quite high and I couldn't reach up far enough to see in. The sweet young cunt big sliding doors in the back young porn portal of the barn were paddle locked youngest free sex tight so young hot sluts there was no moving the doors to see through a crack. In the front, there was a regular garage door that was also locked, and a heavy steel entrance door with no windows. That was also locked. This was getting very spooky. There didn't seem to be anyone around, except the girl inside suspended from the ceiling. There didn't seem to be any way in except through the locked doors. So why was this teenager hanging naked and spread-eagled, alone in this deserted barn? I continued on around the opposite side of the barn and just before I got to young fingering the rear again, I noticed a covered stair well leading down to a lower level of the barn. I tried that door and that too was locked, but locked from the inside. As I was trying the door I heard the faint hum of some kind of motor coming from deep inside the bowels of the old barn. The only thing I could think of was it must be some kind of generator. I went back around the rear young young fuck of the barn to the other side to my knothole to peer in again, and was almost blown away. When I looked through the hole, there was now five more 3d gay young girls surrounding the suspended one. It looked like they were taking extraordinary delight in porn teen youngest fondling and caressing the helpless one. All of the other girls were in some stage of undress. Some with their shorts off and just their underwear, some with their tops off. Two of them had no bras and the other one had a very flimsy one that didn't do much to hide her assets. They all seemed to be a little older than the suspended girl and I was beginning to think youngest hard porn this must be some kind of initiation. One of the girls who was wearing bikini panties and a shirt top had brought a table over behind the hanging girl and young highschool girls crawled up on top of it. She proceeded to remove her top kind of dancing and very young blowjob wiggling to some unheard music, and when she young guns ii was free of her shirt, she was free altogether because she had no bra underneath. She was about a 34D and her breasts swayed to her movements as she gyrated on the table. She reached around the suspended girl and cupped her breasts in her hands and pressed young rider magazine her young tight ass own breasts into the other girl's back. The one who was hanging threw her head back at the contact, obviously enjoying the feeling. The bigger young bodybuilder girl then began younger toplist to softly knead the younger girl's breasts, lightly squeezing and then just tickling the sensitive underside of her firm, stretched, and totally unprotected, boobies. The other girls began to strip off the rest of their clothes until they were almost all young nudist sites totally naked. One of them, a small, petit redhead, made a signal with her hand and the girl was raised up off the floor until her puffy pussy lips were right in front of the redhead's face. She wrapped her arms around the girl's hips and drew her towards her and buried her face in the girl's crotch.This is more than I can take. young virgins masturbating After all, I am Henri young alcatraz a red blooded American male. It is pretty clear that the girl is not in danger of being hurt and is partaking in some sort of ritualistic initiation. With the petit one burying her faces and tongue young teen 69 into the pussy of the helpless girl, the other girls reached out and started caressing the girl's body wherever they could reach. My dick was at full attention sexy young forbidden and I reached inside my shorts and began to rub it. It was evident that the intent was to sailor young porn pleasure this girl by any means at hand. As she was being licked and caressed all over her lower body, the girl on the table had her arms around her and was alternately caressing her breasts, and pulling and tweaking her nipples. Her head was thrown back, and she was beginning to breathe very hard and rough. She was trying to thrust her hips into the small girl's mouth, but being stretched out like that, she couldn't control her thrusting very well. Just as she began to moan and pant like she was on the verge of hitting her orgasm, everyone stopped at the same time. The petit girl that was eating her pussy backed away along with everyone young angel porn else on the floor, and the girl on the table let go young sexe of her breasts and stepped off to the floor.The girl was still thrusting and trying to old young gay reach an orgasm, but there was no stimulation. She couldn't even rub her legs together. Her head was twisting from side to side in frustration as the other girls stood and watched the tortured victim sob in frustration. There must have been a vow of silence for this initiation, because I had not heard one voice speak through the whole ordeal, yet they all seemed to know what young teens porni to do and when to do youngsex tpg it.As they were standing around waiting for the girl to come down off her high, I pulled my pants down around my ankles and wrapped my hand around my cock and started pumping. This was quite a show. Being unexpected just made it all the more exciting. While I watched, the girls all disappeared to young tight cp a place in the barn where I couldn't see. A few minutes later the petit one came back with something in her hand. "OH MY GOD!!" It's a vibrator. It appears to be one of those wand vibrators. It was about fourteen inches long, with a soft, round head at the end meant for massaging sensitive areas. They are very powerful but not meant for insertion. She walked xxx young lollitas up to the girl very quietly. When she got right in front porn vids young of her, she turned the machine on. The sound startled the hanging girl because she jumped and tried to look around, but free young plumpers the blindfold was young pussy incest firmly in place and she could see nothing. After she turned the vibrator on, she just held it in front of her for a few seconds not touching the girl, just teasing her with anticipation. She slowly reached up and just touched the padded head of the vibrator on the girl's nipple. young boy cum She jumped and made a sharp intake of her breath when the throbbing padded head touched her extremely sensitive nipple. The girl held it there for a minute and then slowly moved it off her nipple and gently moved it between her breasts young 12 porn and up the inside of her other breast until it was just humming on her other nipple. The girl arched her back and tossed her head back actually mewling and moaning at the sensation. She then moved the soft head back between her breasts and very, very slowly started inching the vibrator straight down towards her ultimate target. I had my head pressed against the barn peering intently at the scene before me and I could see that she young sex angel was so wet her pussy was glistening with vaginal fluids. By this time, my normally slow, deliberate pace of masturbation had intensified and I was pumping my hot cock faster and faster. The vibrator had made it to her pubic bone and the girl was just holding it there. The throbbing on her pubes vibrated all through her vagina, and intensified on her clitoris and without actually touching her pussy, the girl writhed and bucked and came for the first time in a screaming orgasm. The other girls still held the vibrator where it was, not moving it any lower, but reached up and turned the switch on ******** young skinny to high. Instantly the bound girl was over the top screaming out another orgasm, and then another as the girl held the vibrator in place. Finally she young lezbos reached up and flipped the switch off, but still held the round padded head where it was.All of a sudden, I felt hands and arms all over me as I tumbled to the ground with my pants tying my ankles together so I couldn't get my balance. I looked up in total panic not knowing what was happening and all four of the other girls who had been in the barn just a few minutes ago, petite young movies had me on the ground and were cuffing my arms behind my back. They still had not spoken a word, but as soon as they had me cuffed, they motioned for me to get to my feet. Up close, I could see that all of them were young teenagers. The oldest was maybe seventeen."What the hell is going on?" I asked.Again, no response, just a few hand gestures. First, they motioned me to kick off my shorts so I could much too young walk. Not knowing what choice I had since they had the key to my handcuffs, I kicked them off and stood there with my hard on beginning to wilt. They then marched me to the stairwell young nude petite on the other side of the barn where they had come out to look around and found me. I was wondering, what in Hell I had gotten myself into this time.Chapter youngestever porn 2When I had gone all the way down the stairs, the group of naked teenagers stopped me and motioned for me to be silent and placed a blindfold over my eyes. Then with one girl on either side of me they led me through the basement of the barn, past the generator, which now was very loud, and up a flight of stairs. They opened a door and we went through to what seemed to be a large open area. Once the door was closed the sound of the generator was muffled greatly and it was nearly quiet. Being blindfolded, I was extremely disoriented. I tried to figure out where I could be in the old barn, but we had gone through too many turns and ups and downs and I was totally turned around. I probably should have been scared. At least I should have been more scared than I was, but from what I had seen, these girls didn't seem to want to hurt anyone. Everything young teenboy porn I had witnessed was designed to bring on the maximum pleasure for the girl spread-eagled between two bars.I was contemplating what I should do; I was after all a young sexy art larger male in pretty good shape. If given the chance, I could probably escape without too much problem. Even though I was naked from the waist down, if I had to run for it, I could probably outrun all of them. Just then, a soft hand took hold of my cock and started slowly sliding up and down the soft shaft. "OK" young little virgins I thought, this could turn out to be young shirtless boys good. It didn't pregnant young take long before I was hard as a young non nudes rock and pumping my japanese young nude hips in rhythm to the stroking of the hand. Then more hands were on my arms and my chest and they were coaxing me backwards. They slowly pushed and pulled until I was sitting on the floor, then pushed me back until I was laying back on something soft. It felt like some kind of animal fur. Next thing I knew, someone was between my young girl webcam knees, pushing them apart and I felt breasts on my legs and thighs. Then my cock got engulfed in a warm very experienced mouth. I was lying there enjoying the experience not thinking about where this was all leading, when suddenly, both legs were clamped tight and cuffs were attached to my ankles. With my arms behind my back and my ankles attached to a set of chains which young kdz porn were in turn attached to each end of a heavy bar about four feet long, I suddenly felt very vulnerable and a bit more apprehensive. The mouth was gone from my cock and the breasts were gone from my thighs. I couldn't hear any one, but young girls nudes I could feel their presence. I knew I wasn't alone. Then I heard the sound of a powerful vibrator being turned on, and I heard the sudden intake of breath from someone close by. As I lay there with my arms behind my back young small pussie and my feet spread apart, I heard another sharp intake and the sound of a female voice in obvious pleasure. The sound of the vibrator continued and the sounds of the girl's breathing rapidly became very ragged and she was reaching a high level of excitement very quickly. Suddenly there was a voice right in my ear that said very softly,"Relax and enjoy."It veryyoungnudes was barely a whisper, but the first words I had heard since I got there. There were hands then at my shoulders urging me to sit up, and with some pushing and pulling on my upper back, I was able to sit upright. The next thing I knew, there was a warm pussy right nu young ass in my face. She smelled so wonderful, with the faint smell of intoxicating perfume, and the somewhat more distinctive smell of moist, hot vagina. The girl took my head and guided it towards her snatch and I just reveled in the feeling of moist, slick womanhood being forced into my mouth. Suddenly, my hands were being freed from the cuffs behind my back. I reached around the pussy in my face and with one hand on each butt cheek, pulled her closer to me, working my tongue up her juicy crack towards the button I knew I would find. I was holding her ass young girls movies tight and pulling her into my mouth when cuffs were young porn child again slapped onto my wrists and suddenly pre young porn pulled violently into the air. I could hear the chains clinking together as the slack was taken from them and my arms were jerked over my head and pulled outward. From the feel, it seemed as if the chains were attached to something about six feet apart and I am pulled from a sitting position to a standing one in one quick motion. I am now in the same position as the girl I saw through the crack, and the one who I assumed was the recipient of the vibrator I had heard earlier. "Now what?" I thought. As I am trying to figure out if I am in trouble or not, I feel myself being pulled off the floor, totally suspended in the air. Arms out at about a 45-degree angle and legs spread apart by a heavy bar, I am slowly swinging there with my hard on pointing the way to the North Star. Suddenly, I hear the vibrator again angeles young nude and as I wait to hear the girl start to enjoy the beginnings of a good cum, the vibrator touches my dick and I jump as if shocked by young french girls electricity. I have played around with vibrators before, and I know that it doesn't take much to get me over the edge if the vibrations are centered in the right spot. This is a very intense vibration and whoever is using it on me either knows what she paradise young girl is doing, or is going to be in for a very big surprise shortly. She moves it up the shaft of my battering ram and stops just under my young nasty grls cock head and holds it there. Ohh, Ohhhh Goddd, I'm getting close. My hips are bucking against the vibe and she is photos nude young holding it lightly right on the most sensitive nerves in my shaft. If she pushes that thing against me a little harder, I am going to cum all over her. Just when I can't stand it any more, she stops. Oh Lord, it feels so good, do it some more, please let me cum, but it is gone. Instead I hear the girl not more than three feet away start to head up her stairway to orgasm as the vibrator is applied to her most sensitive areas.I feel myself being lowered back towards the floor. As my feet touch the floor, someone grabs the bar between my feet and starts pulling it young naturist sex out as I am still being lowered down. I feel the rope stop as I am about at a 45-degree angle with my body. The only thing keeping me from falling right on my ass is the fact my hands are being held over my head and that doesn't allow me to sink all the way down. All this time the vibrator is still working on the other girl and she is finally allowed to go over the top and screeches as she explodes in a long, lingering, orgasm. I don't know where this is going to end up, and I really don't care at the moment, as there is a mouth on my pecker again. the youngest kds I am not that big, but I've got a good 6 inches and I don't think it has ever nude young modles been as hard as it is right now. Whoever is sucking on me is taking me youngest slut all the way to my nut sack, swirling their tongue around young teeny porn my shaft and sucking long and slow all the way up my shaft until almost letting go of my cock head, then sliding back down all the way to my root again. There are hands on young korea nude me. I realize there are too many hands for one person. Several of the girls must be joining in at the same time. My skin is getting extremely slippery as I realize they are completely covering my entire body in slippery lubrication. My cheeks and my neck are coated, then youngest porn pics my shoulders and my chest, and still the mouth is working its magic on my cock. Then my back is coated and the hands are every where. My butt cheeks, my legs, my ankles, my thighs, there must be three or four of the girls all working on me at once when I feel a finger slip between my ass cheeks and start to coat my pucker. Still, the mouth is slowly working my cock to a solid state. I feel myself being pulled back up by my arms to an upright position and the mouth doesn't lose a beat, nor do the hands. I am coated all over with super slippery lube, and more is being applied all the time. If I were entered as a greased pig, no one would be able to wrap me up in his or her arms. Suddenly I am being lowered back down again, but this time I am pushed forward and find myself being lowered over some type of narrow bench. My legs are spread out behind me and my arms are pulled out in front of me and I am being held tight over this saw horse like contraption and very vulnerable. Suddenly I am more than a little apprehensive, but the mouth finds my boner again and starts administering saliva to the shaft and I forget about everything else. As I am caught young porn uncensored up in the sensations of a really good blowjob, I feel a tongue on my lower back and it is licking slowly but inexorably towards my ass. 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